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"Be a Co-Host on Family Moments
Summer Contest"


Now is your chance to Be a Co-Host on Family Moments!

Fun on the Set
Lights, Camera, Action!
All Messed Up


1.)  Complete the Form (below).

2.)  Shoot a 30-60 second audition video of your child(ren) pretending to co-host an episode 

       by reciting some of the common Family Moments catchphrases, such as

              "Welcome to another exciting episode of Family Moments!"


              "Never heard of it."

              "So, Sadie, what did you learn today?"

        Be as creative and fun as you'd like and show enthusiasm, confidence, and personality.

3.)   "Like" the Family Moments facebook page, if you haven't already done so.    


4.)   Post your video on facebook and tag Family Moments by including @Family 

        Moments in the post.

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Registration Form

Thanks for entering!

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