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Game includes:

  • A set of 48 picture cards
  • A larger version
  • Directions
  • Answer Key

NAME THAT BALL - New Year's Game!

  • A game where you need to be on the ball!

    Can be played with individuals or teams.


    • Print and cut out the 48 cards. 


    • Host holds up one card at a time.


    • Be the first to identify the BALL represented by the picture on the card. (For example, if the card has a picture of a fire, the answer would be FIREBALL.) Every answer ends with BALL.


    • One point for every correct answer.


    • Team with the most points, wins!


    • Larger version is included.


    • No electronic devices are allowed.


    Great fun for young and old!


    Some answers are easy.

    Others are challenging!

    Either way, you'll have a BALL!


    Good luck!

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